Industrial Safety
State Board of Technical Education and Training
Govt. of Andhra Pradesh

Legal Application of the course in the employment sector:
Factories registered under Companies Act have to employ Safety Officers under following regulations. Section 40-B of the Factories Act1948 and Andhra Pradesh Factory Act Rules amendment reference GO Ms. No 36 Dated 24/06/2011 reference LR No.B2/13391/2009 dated 05/05/2011,as per this certificate complements the requirement of Section 61A of AP Factory rules 1950. Regulation 93 of the Dock Workers (Safety, Health and Welfare) Regulation 1990, and Section 38 of the Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and Condition of Service) Act 1996 prescribe the appointment of Safety Officers.

Features: Invotech is the only institute in Asia Pacific having most number of accreditations, approvals and affiliations from State, Central Government as well , most reputed accrediting authorities from American and European Countries.

Employment:There is a huge shortage of ratified Safety Engineers in India as the demand from the industry is increasing in multiples. The reason for this high demand is due to healthy growth of industries and the concerns of personal safety are taken into serious consideration. Ratified safety engineers are been paid hand some salaries and perks. This is because safe and healthy working environment is recognized as a fundamental right of every human being. Government of India strictly adheres to the safe, clean environment as well as healthy working conditions. Social justice, economic growth cannot be achieved unless education , training , consultation and exchange of information are not achieved. Also good practices are essential for prevention and promotion of such measures. In this direction the services of qualified Safety Officers are necessary to assist the management in planning, implementing and monitoring accident prevention programs. As per the Factory Act all industries prefer to employ safety professionals qualified from RLI/CLI/SBTET. There is a huge requirement existing in the industry for such qualified professionals

Eligibility for admission:

a) A recognized basic degree in any branch of engineering/technology.
b) A recognized basic diploma in any branch of engineering or technology with two years of experience
c) A degree in science with Physics or Chemistry and relevant practical experience in a supervisory capacity for a period of not less than one year.
The Experience should be any one of these following
a) Manufacturing, quality assurance, maintenance or Safety.
b) Research, training or education in the field of industrial safety or environment
c) Government department in administration of Safety legislation.
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